James Hardy
A proud Alabama outdoorsman living out of his car, James Hardy dwarfs the big spots he skates and does this looking smooth & consistent. Taking excursions out in the wild with his dog Vader is Hardy's idea of a good time. Hardy has been crushing whatever spots & parks are available be it on filming trips or at a demo. Sponsors: Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Fallen, Faith Skateshop, Eswic, Poler, Bro Style  


Fallen Road Less Traveled Online Premier
Road Less Traveled online premiere next week on twskate.com. Documentary info, rider bios, and photo galleries now live!
World’s Best Premiere: Road Less Traveled
Jimmy hit the Montalban Theatre in Hollywood to harass the industry and take in Fallen's new skate documentary.
Ride Channel : Fallen Road Less Traveled Premier
Erica Yary and the Ride Channel takes you behind the scenes of Fallen Footwear's "Road Less Traveled" video premiere.
World’s Best Brunch: James Hardy
Jimmy and James exchange crossfire on topics ranging from Thai sword fights to Southern heritage to girl cars.
James Hardy’s Homecoming Trailer
You're not gonna find clips from China or LA schoolyards in this edit. James handled his business in and around his home state of Alabama. This video part will not disappoint. Coming July, 4th on the Thrasher site!