Skateistan Fundraising Drive Update – Keep Skateistan Rolling
A huge thank you to all the people who have supported Skateistan so far during this drive, you have helped to Keep Skateistan Rolling. We have raised $6147 so far. Skateistan in the past has never asked for donations, usually relying on the quality of our content to sell the project. However as a not for profit the reality is we require donations, no matter how small, to keep Skateistan running. Skateistan gives students opportunities, skills and experiences that allow them to keep rolling towards personal empowerment. We decided that our fundraising drive would not simply be about asking for money, but an opportunity to show the wider world what exactly Skateistan does – to show that Skateistan is much more than just skateboarding, but a hub of creative arts and social diversity. To do this we have created a series of 7 videos detailing the workings of Skateistan. These video stories aim to give a glimpse into daily life at Skateistan, and demonstrate how contributions to Skateistan positively influences the lives of young girls and boys in Afghanistan and Cambodia. We are releasing these videos daily with Part 1-4 currently available and each video has a corresponding blog article associated with it:  

Part 1 – Intro To Keep Skateistan Rolling

Since 2007, Skateistan has opened two skateparks, creating safe spaces for more than 2000 children in Afghanistan and Cambodia to learn and play. Hundreds of youth ages 5-17 come weekly for skateboarding, creative arts workshops, and basic education. Blog link | Video link  

Part 2 – Back to School Program Kabul

In 2011 36 streetworking children graduated from Skateistan’s Back-to-School program. In 2010, Skateistan sent 29 children “Back-to-School”. Blog link | Video link  

Part 3 – Tuk Tuk Transport in Cambodia

After more than a year of running skate sessions and art classes with partner NGOs and in the backyard of the staff guesthouse, Skateistan Cambodia was excited to open its own co-educational skateboard and learning facility for youth in Phnom Penh in September 2012. Blog link | Video link  

Part 4 - Transport in Kabul

Every week, over 140 girls come to Skateistan’s skatepark in Kabul. Girls make up 40% of our students, and more than 50% of Skateistan’s Afghan staff are female. Providing equal acces to our programming is a top priority for Skateistan. Blog link | Video link   You can read more about the Keep Skateistan Rolling Drive at: Our Donate page is located here: It would mean a great deal if you could help us in writing articles, posting on your personal blogs, or just encouraging your friends to talk about Skateistan. Feel free to get back to me if you have any further questions. Thanks again for your support.